Friday, May 17, 2013

annie is three

Our BABY is three years old.

Three years??!

Three years ago she was Baby Annie and now she is all full of sass and opinions.

Yesterday when I instructed her to go sit in time-out she told me "to never ever say that to her again"...?!?

Lord, help us.

We celebrated a few days early on Wednesday because I had the day off from school and we wanted to surprise Annie by taking her to see a matinee performance of "Annie" on Broadway (it's her favorite show, of course). I wish I had video taped her reaction when we told her- she gave Jamie and I the biggest hugs and said thank you over and over. Such a sweet girl!

On Wednesday we had cake and presents for her, too.

I attempted to make cake pops for her because she LOVES cake pops. They weren't so pretty, but they tasted great. She ate 7 of them...!! And I let her.

Audrie was SO sweet- she made this crown for Annie at school.

It's hard to see in this picture but we got Annie the MOST ridiculously amazing pair of princess high heels that no child should own. She loves them!

And a new princess dress to live in all day every day.

Audrie picked out a Sophia doll for Annie.

Getting ready to make a wish.

Blowing out her candles.

Audrie helping her.

Then we headed downtown to see the performance. It was so wonderful! Annie smiled so huge from the moment it started. She really loved it. We all did.
Also at this performance it happened to be the first performance featuring Jane Lynch (from Glee) as Miss Hannigan and "Mr. Schuester" was sitting a few rows behind us in the audience. It was pretty cool. 
I attempted to get a photo of the Four of Us.

Day three and she is STILL wearing the dress. Love her.
Here is a video of Annie talking all about her favorite things...

And I know this next video is lengthy, but if you have time to take a trip down Annie Memory Lane then here you go....!