Sunday, May 19, 2013

pizza and shoes

Jamie and I celebrated our 12th anniversary last night! 

We have an inside joke about "pizza and shoes"... when Jamie and I were first married I was having a bad week and he sweetly texted me and said we should celebrate the end of the hard week by going out for pizza and then to buy new shoes. Of course my mood was lifted and I was so excited. For some reason (I honestly can't remember now) by the time we got home that evening Jamie had changed his mind and said he really didn't want to go anywhere. I was so bummed and said something about- how dare you "pizza and shoes" me?! Then we both just started laughing at how ridiculous I sounded.
So from then on whenever we would promise each other something fun we would often pause to ask "are you pizza and shoes-ing me again or is this really going to happen?" Thus became the joke.  

ANYWAYS, so to celebrate last night we decided to go out for pizza and shoes.

We got some AMAZING pizza in Little Italy. (You know the place is good where there are tables full of Italian families sitting around all speaking Italian.) It was very mafia and fun and tasty. In addition to this yummy pizza we also got a deep fried calzone... yum!

 Then we walked through Soho in search of some fun shoes. I found some ridiculous but amazing red leather high heeled sneakers.
 We went in a men's sneaker store called Flight Club that is apparently pretty renound. It was overwhelming to me- SO many hundreds of sneakers for hundreds of dollars- but Jamie was in heaven.

He ended up getting these sweet turquoise Adidas "dunks" (in case you're up on your shoe lingo).
 It was fun to walk through that area of the city. Not a place I frequent too often, but it's really "old school nyc" down there.
 We had a really great time (also because we don't get to go out just the two of us very often). Thank you to Samanthe for babysitting!

Jamie and I had a great talk over dinner about our marriage and our future. Love is such a battlefield (not to steal the 80's lyrics) but it's true. Satan has been attacking our marriage for a long time and there have honestly been times when we were almost overcome. But we have held on to each other and our relationship is stronger than ever.

We do have fun living life together and I can't wait to see what the future holds.