Wednesday, June 19, 2013

a few things going on

Dinner with friends!
Row boats in Central Park!
Beautiful boat ride.
Added "row boats" to our list of favorite things to do in NYC.
Walked in the living room to find Annie stretched out in front of the A/C watching cartoons. It's a hard-knock life for this girl?!
Audrie cruising the hood with her friend, Katie.
Audrie's homework last week. (I am loving this whole "Yay, I CAN read" process that Audrie is going through. It's SO FUN!)
Sweet girlies in the park by our apartment.
Audrie helping me pack. (The girls thought the walls were getting too bare so they colored pictures to tape up.)
Annie had an adorable "graduation" from her school, Wiggles and Giggles. She had such a GREAT year and loved us all celebrating her.
Annie striking a pose before we left for her graduation (in a new outfit, of course)!

Posing for a smile before Annie's graduation.
Audrie's ballet dress rehearsal. Miss Sheila giving them last minute reminders before they went on stage.
Teaching Annie to throw a Frisbee.
Audrie was a quick learner with the Frisbee and played for the longest time.
Annie rocking a cute dress that Samanthe sewed!
Me and Audrie getting a snuggle in at our last family picnic in Central Park.
The Burrows joined us for the picnic.
More Frisbee!
Audrie and Miss Sheila backstage before the recital.
Me and Audrie as I dropped her off in their dressing room before the performance. Time for the big dance! We were so excited to see her on stage!
Jamie got the beautiful dancer some post-show flowers. She did GREAT! I can't wait to show you the video. Jamie and I both cried when she started dancing. Our sweet girl!
A princess in the subway?
Annie is too cool for school! I love how she is such a GIRL in her pink shade and dresses that she insists on wearing, but still zooming around everyone on her scooter like a little tomboy!
Audrie and Annie had one last playdate in the park before leaving NYC. We will miss our friends we have made here!
My mom sent me a cute cupcake of flowers to my school for my birthday.
Then I got home from work and Jamie got me my favorite things... daisies and watermelon (that he carried 5 blocks from the store)! That's true love.