Sunday, July 28, 2013

just saying hey

We made it safely home from the beach Saturday (in record time thanks to Jamie's amazing driving skills... and somehow even with a car full of girls he only stopped twice in the 13 hour drive!).

It feels great to be back and enjoying what is left of our summer (I start work next Thursday!). 

We went this afternoon and picked up our kitty from the animal rescue. I took a bunch of pics and will properly introduce you later, but here's a sneak peek at the abundance of love this sweet kitty is in for...

I did upload all the beach pics from my camera and the grand total was 959..! Crazy daunting amount, but I found these two to share...

(Thanks to Jamie's Aunt Brenda for snapping this photo!)

Photo credit to my brother Caleb, who lives in Pensacola now. I like this sweet photo of Jamie and I. (Even though it kind of looks like a "pregnant" photo pose... and, NO, I'm not!) 

Kind of like it better cropped...
(Too "soap opera"??)

Hopefully I won't be posting 959 beach pictures on here over the next week, but you know me- it will be a lot. So consider yourself warned! :)