Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ready to be home

I can't wait to get home and upload my camera to see exactly just how many photos I took this week at the beach. It has to be close to a thousand.

We had such a great time! It only rained one day (and that day we went to an Aquarium and then shopping). The rest of the week we spent in a lovely cycle of beach-pool-nap. Repeat.

We are driving home now and have that great feeling of being happy to get home. (We are super excited because tomorrow we get to pick up our kitty that we fell in love with at an animal rescue in Fayetteville!) 

I hope to get our beach photos sorted through to share soon, but in the meantime here are a few from my phone...

Had to share this last pic because the girls felt so privileged to have their "own room" in the condo. We brought a blow up mattress in case someone needed it and discovered that it fit exactly in the walk-in closet in our bedroom. So the girls slept at night in the closet all week and loved it! (Maybe life in a tiny Manhattan apartment has changed their outlook a bit?!) ha