Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Craziest story ever

You are never going to believe this... I couldn't make this up if I tried:

This weekend I bought a couch for my classroom off Craigslist (good couch, little dusty from being in the girl's garage a few weeks) but the girl delivered it Sunday to my classroom. Only problem was I couldn't get into my room because the janitors were waxing the hallways. So I left the couch in the glass entryway/small enclosed lobby near my choir room.

I put a note on the couch that it was my couch and I would move it the next day when the halls were done.

Ok, so apparently, the night shift custodians were walking past and saw a KITTEN(?!) poke it's head out from under the couch..!

So the janitors opened the glass lobby doors and tried to call the kitty, but it was crazy and running wild.

So they got a box and somehow trapped the feral kitty in the box.

They took the box to the school's library (why there? I don't know?!) and called Animal Control.

They show up and open the door to the library and the crazed kitty darts off between their legs. THEY LOSE THE CAT IN THE SCHOOL.

Keep in my mind that my school is a brand new gorgeous construction. Huge multimillion dollar school. And now there is a poor wild little kitty on the loose!!!!

My principal had a big important meeting at school today with all the other principals and assistant principals and school board, etc- in the cafetorium (yes, that's a word) and he said he kept looking around in the middle of his speech expecting a crazed cat to streak through..!

Oh my goodness, I can't believe this. I'm amazed by the first impression I'm making on my staff and also going to lose sleep over this stranded kitty!

But If we find him, he's totally going to be the Choir Cat and live in my room all year!