Monday, August 05, 2013

bathroom makeover

 This is why I love being married to Jamie.

Saturday night about 6:30pm, he says... "why don't we remodel the bathroom now?".

Um, sure.

So we took the girls to Lowe's for an hour and a half (??) while we picked out the stuff...
and here are the pics of our 24 hour bathroom makeover:

This is the guest/girl's bathroom:

 The walls were painted an olive green/brown color. Notice the round sink (it actually had a big chip out of the sink bowl but I didn't get it in the picture).

And the worst part is the popcorn ceilings throughout our house... (Jamie had already taken down the vent covers when I remembered to snap a before pic of the ceiling).

 Ok, and the grand reveal....


 We painted the walls grey, painted the vanity black with new knobs, put a new sink top on, and a new toilet. (It's crazy how easy painting the wood vanity was- I'm so glad we didn't try to rip it out and buy a new one.) I painted the mirror turquoise (of course) and got a new shower curtain.

But I will say that when we first started and were dry scraping the popcorn ceiling stuff off... I really almost quit right there. It was THE BIGGEST MESS I've ever seen in my life. It was like someone took 5 bags of flour and shook them all over that small room. And then trying to reach over your head to scrape while you are looking straight up into the nasty debris was so terrible. We will definitely try it a different way next time.

But the ceiling does look great now! In a few months it should come out of my hair.

Bought a 'cute' new toilet (if toilets can be called cute?). Doesn't it look like it's smiling and winking at you?

I love the new sink top and faucet.

Ok, there you have it. Project 1 is done. Just about 10 more to go on this sweet little house. But that's part of the fun!