Saturday, August 03, 2013

meet marla

 Last weekend we got a cat! Her name is Marla (that's the name she had at the rescue shelter and the girls liked it). She is 8 months old. Marla is a Maine Coon mix and is THE sweetest kitty ever.

The poor cat has been smothered with love since she's arrived. We've had to make the girl's give Marla some "time out" time because they just want to pet her all day.

 She is very cuddly and wants to snuggle all the time.

Because she has Maine Coon breed, she has the fluffiest tail I've ever seen!
 We all love her!

Sadly, I used to be a pretty big cat-hater in the past, but something in my heart has changed and I was really excited about getting this kitty!

I don't know if I wrote on here about how, a few months ago, when were talking to the girls about getting a new cat when we moved- Audrie said... "I want a kitty who believes in me"...!

I'm pretty sure Marla believes in us! :)

Welcome to the family, Marla.