Tuesday, October 22, 2013

are you still there?

Do you want to hear the excuses for me not blogging or should we just skip that and I'll just make up some story about how I've been practicing for if I'm ever in the Witness Protection Program?!

Seriously, I almost forgot how to log into Blogger to even do this post. Then I checked my stats and saw that two people are still reading my blog, so I thought I better post something for their sake.

So here you go! (These pics are totally out of order, but it's all I can muster up the energy for right now.)

 I have been doing some fun photo shoots and yes, Kate, I will blog about them soon! :)
 We took the girls camping and HAD A BLAST. My friend Jenny blogged about it so check out her cute photos of the kiddos running free in the wild outdoors.
 Audrie went to Grandma Cornett's one weekend by herself, so we had just ONE KID for a couple days and it was pretty awesome.

 Our beautiful brown eyed girls.

A friend on Facebook sent me this photo of Julia Roberts as a child and said it resembled my girls...!
 Spending some quality family time.

I was impressed by Jamie's ability to read and drink his coffee while the girls pretend his legs are a pirate ship!

Jamie unloading the bikes for a Sunday afternoon ride on a Fayetteville bike trail.

I asked the girls to sit on the bench and wait while we unloaded the bikes.

Annie in her happy place!

I guess this notice is better than them saying "please brush your daughter's hair tomorrow"! ha

Growing up too fast.

We drove down to Greenland to watch Jamie's cousin play quarter back for the Green Forest Tigers.

School is still crazy busy, but starting to settle into somewhat of a groove these days.

Painting leaves!

Playing an adapted game of badminton in the yard.

ChuckECheese bday party for Camryn Lea!

Couldn't find Audrie for a minute, came outside to find her putting on her own cabaret show in the front yard. (she had already thrown off her white glove there on the high note)

Each week I let the girls pick out two books at the Library and this is one that Annie picked this week. Interesting choice. She said "mommy, it's a birthday book!"

I little DIY project I did last week. Complete with fabric in the back wall and drawer. Fun!

Jamie had his booth at the craft fair this past weekend, so he was crazy busy getting ready for that! He sold several lamps and had fun talking to the million of peeps that stopped by his booth in those two days. And was even featured in the newspaper!

We met Trent and Candace at the Walton Arts Center to take the girls to see the Broadway tour of Beauty and the Beast. It was phenomenal!

Went to Maggie Moos for Ice Cream and Jamie snuck a kiss from his cute date. :)

Two weekends ago I went with my mom, sisters, and nieces to a cabin the woods for two days! It was great to catch up with them and let the girls run wild in the fresh air.

I was testing the self-timer on my camera and almost made it back to my seat!


We snapped a photo before it got dark, so Sydney and Denise are not pictured. It was a fun girls weekend!

 My mom and sister, Coleen, cracking themselves up about something. :)
It's so great to be back home where we can spend time with loved ones more often!
I will try to be better about blogging more frequently! Thank you, my two readers, for hanging in there. :)