Friday, March 14, 2014


Oh my goodness, why are you still checking my blog?! Did you think I was actually going to start blogging again???!

I am sorry for leaving you for so long. I have no good excuses. Just living life and being busy and all that stuff.

So here is a tiny update on the Four of Us...

Still LOVING that we are back in Arkansas. Definitely miss NYC, but appreciating all the things we had taken for granted in our life. 

Like having a fireplace!! :)

Which has been great with all the SNOW we have had this winter.

Audrie turned 6 and had a sweet birthday. Started the day with birthday pancakes..!

Then had a few friends over for a Princess party... and Princess Belle came to her party!!

Little miss Annie is still being her sweet self. Loving preschool- can write her name, say bible verses, and be everyone's best friend. :)

The girls got their ears pierced two weeks ago. Their choice. A big day for them!

Audrie used some of her allowance to buy a basketball and there is a hoop on our street that she can actually sink some shots. Pretty impressive to me.

I played baseball with Annie this afternoon and she can hit it far. Our girls may have some athletic potential beneath all that pink drama. Except every time Annie hit the ball she would yell "YAY BASKETBALL!". um, ok, maybe need to clarify a few sports concepts with her.

Jamie turned 35 this week and says he still doesn't feel old. Despite all his gray hairs... that he says living with three girls has done to him! :)

I bought a HUGE pair of sunglasses in anticipation of our beach spring break trip next week. So excited!!
(This is me attempting to look all fierce in my ridiculous shades..!)

Oh, here is a random pic of the girls watching America's Funniest Videos (they love that show)!

That's as exciting as our life is these days, folks.

Thanks for checking in on us. I will try try try to be better about posting!