Tuesday, April 08, 2014

books and bikes

 Pretty much every morning when I'm getting Annie dressed for pre-school, she complains that her dress isn't "big enough" or not "spinny enough". Oh my.

So I saw a sale at Old Navy on their spring dresses and I tried to find a few that were big and spinny for this little diva. :)
Annie getting ready to go to a friend's birthday party.

Audrie getting a lesson in determination.
 Last weekend, we decided to let Audrie take the training wheels off her bike and see how it went. At first, she was super frustrated (because somehow she has in her personality that she has to be good at everything and is impatient when things are not going perfect immediately... not sure where she gets that..? ha) But she didn't give up.

The second day of trying- she had that magic moment where you could honestly see the light bulb go off and she "got it". Now there is no stopping her. She has a few serious bruises for her efforts, but her proud smile is pretty awesome.

I did get teary eyed watching her learn this... such a milestone in life.

Audrie's reading has really taken off, too. I am a little sad because before she learned to read she used to sing herself to sleep at night and now she reads. I mean, that's all fine and stuff (ha!), but I miss hearing her made up songs from her bedroom.
Jamie rockin some sweet socks.

Met two of my dearest friends for a night out last weekend. I miss teaching with these amazing ladies, but happy we still get together regularly for girl therapy.

That's all for now. Hope your week is going great!