Tuesday, January 12, 2010

lemonade out of lemons

If you haven't heard what happened to our friends Jim and Emily's lovely home you can read about it HERE on their blog. It's very sad, but I do have to say that Audrie has thoroughly enjoyed getting to see more of their son, Ben, lately! I mean, he IS quite the stud muffin...! And he and Audrie have a total blast playing together. "First comes love, then comes marriage..." ...then comes Ben with a baby carriage?? Now go make me a sandwich.
No really, Ben is a sweetheart and they are very cute running around the house together seeing what trouble they can find. And though we hate that Jim and Emily are having to live out of hotel this week- we did get to enjoy their indoor pool! :) The hot tub wasn't actually hot- just warm. So we let the kids practice their olympic diving techniques...
Some after dinner music... A lovely duet! :)
I'm not sure what magic age girls decide that boys have cooties but I hope that Ben and Audrie's friendship will prevail!