Sunday, January 17, 2010

powder her nose

Audrie has been growing up so much the past week. She let me paint her fingernails... so cute! I couldn't believe she actually was still enough to let me do it. And she has always liked watching me get ready in the morning (well mostly she likes to empty my toiletry drawer into the floor) but this morning we were getting ready for church and she decided to help me with my make up...
And of course a little powder for her own nose...Also in big girl news... we finally got rid of her pacifiers! Whoo hoo! Jamie and I were playing with her in her room a few nights ago and she decided to get all her pacifiers out and play with them. She had them all in her hands and Jamie started telling her how she was a big girl now and going to be two in a few weeks and it was time to say bye-bye to the "popy" (as she calls it). So we told her to go throw them all in the trash. AND SHE DID. Just ran right into the bathroom, chunked all her pacifiers in the trash and came back to play. That first night at bedtime was pretty rough- she cried for about 45 minutes off and on, but we kept going in and rubbing her little head, singing her songs and telling her it was going to be ok, etc. The second night at bed time she only whimpered for about 10 minutes and then tonight- no crying at all... just went to sleep!! So I really think she's over it. She might ask for it a few times over the next couple nights but I am pretty proud of her (and us). Such a big girl!