Friday, July 16, 2010

girls just wanna have fun

Our friends, Trent and Candace, came over for dinner the other night. They have an adorable little girl close to Audrie's age and these two little girls play like they are long lost friends. So cute!
After dinner the girls wanted to play in the kiddie pool and had a blast going down the slide about a million times.
They were so precious cheering for each other. "Go, Audrie!"...
A natural cheerleader!
Making a splash!
Camryn was fearless on the slide!
They both 'talked' to each other all evening in their own secret language.
Camryn is SUCH a cutie!
Look, mom, no hands!
These two would have played out there ALL night if we had let them.
Who needs tv when you have this kind of entertainment?! :)