Saturday, July 17, 2010

this too shall pass

So we've made it a whole two months as a family of four and haven't lost our minds yet... well maybe a little. We definitely still have our tough days, but God is good and never gives us more than we can handle. Takes us right to the breaking point sometimes when we think we are going to run out the door screaming, but then Audrie will say something totally adorable or Annie will rip the loudest poo sounds in her diaper and we laugh and remember that "this too shall pass".

Even though it's summer break and I'm doing "nothing"- somehow we are always busy. It's a lot harder to make social plans right now, but we still manage to attempt some dinners with friends and visits with family and occasionally we all even sit at the table at the same time to eat.

I tried to take Annie with me last night to my monthly Bunco night with my gal pals, but I should have known better... she cried and wanted to be home sleeping in her crib so bad that I couldn't stay long. But again I know that it will all get easier eventually.

Though the girls last night were talking about how each stage of motherhood has it's challenges and we always seem to think "the next stage will surely be easier, right??". But then it's not. I think that's just life.

Remember when you were 12 you thought your life was ruined because your parents wouldn't let you wear make up yet or when you were 16 and you were grounded for life because of your long distance phone bill to your boyfriend and you couldn't wait until you were older and on your own... then life would really be easy, right?? But then you're 21 and you've maxed out all your credit cards and you think "I can't wait til I graduate college- then life will be easier, right??". Next thing you know- you're 32 with a tantrum throwing toddler and a newborn that sprays yellow poo everywhere...

This message was in my devotionals a few days ago and it really struck home with me.

Life is meant to be lived one day at a time, one lesson at a time, one struggle at a time. The joys are meant to balance out the sorrows. At times, we may be stretched to the very limits of our resources. It may all seem like too much to bear, but Jesus knows what burdens we can handle with His help. Every difficulty serves a purpose. Each step in life leads to the next. Each challenge teaches us more that will help us when the next test comes. Through it all, Jesus is with us, and He sends us his Holy Spirit to guide us. We come closer to the truth of life and the knowledge of God working in our lives... one step at a time.