Wednesday, February 23, 2011

makes me happy

Ok, I have to document this so I can read it over and over when the girls are moody teenagers (not that my girls will be anything less the perfect... ha!) but the other night Audrie was standing on a chair next to me in the kitchen helping me cook and she just leaned over, wrapped her arm around me, and said... "Mommy, you're my favorite girl". 

My heart melted in a pool of happiness.

She is such a sweet girl!

Honestly there were times when I wondered if Audrie would always be a terror. (I'll have to delete all this before she's old enough to read this blog!) But about 18months when she started throwing tantrums in the floor, screaming NO at me and making demands... I thought we were doomed. And truly it's just been the last 6 months or so that I've realized we're gonna be fine. She's a super loving young lady with a big heart.

I love watching her at gymnastics. She is SO good in class, follows directions, waits her turn patiently, and works so hard to impress her coaches. It's such a relief for me to watch her being so well behaved!

So even when she has her terrible bratty moments, at least I know she knows how to behave when she's supposed to! I'll just keep praying everyday that God will show me how to be a good mom for her.