Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Day...Another Park - by Jamie

The parks in NYC are an absolute life saver when you have kids who love to get outside.  I can't keep these two girls shut in together for too long or they start to drive each other (and me) crazy! 

 This morning we went down to Central Park which has several playgrounds.  This one is a little smaller and confined...perfect for Annie!
 Audrie loved it too!
 Luckily Jason and Sam were free this morning so they went downtown with me.  It's much easier to navigate the city when you have seasoned veterans showing you around.
 Audrie loved this slide.  It was made out of metal rollers.
 Annie is a big fan of slides too.  She is much more brave than I prefer...
Although it's pretty hot outside I love getting these girls out there to play.  We are going to have to get very creative this winter!