Monday, July 18, 2011

step inside

 I realized that if I wait to post pictures of our apartment until I have everything 'done' then it will be a LONG time, so I decided to just go ahead and snap a few pics for ya.

When you walk into our apartment it opens to a long hallway. To the right is the kitchen, living room, and master. To the left are the girl's rooms and the bathroom.
 You've seen Audrie's room because it was the first thing we set up the day we moved in. And we wanted it to look as close to exactly like her old set up as we could get it. We thought this would make her transition more comfortable and it seems to be working since she loves her room. Both girls actually spend lots of time playing in Audrie's room.
 We did put the huge bean bag in her room so she can sit and read... ha who are we kidding... so she can leap into it from the top bunk while screaming WATCH ME MOMMY!!!
 We did take the ladder off her bunk bed because Annie was already trying to climb it.
 But other than that, Audrie's room is the same as before.
 And our tiny tiny bathroom. Barely enough room to back into the toilet to sit down! :)
 I did get to hang all my bathtime pictures and also behind this mirror is a HUGE medicine cabinet which I am very thankful for.
 I don't know if you can read this next photo well, but it's an adorable drawing of a mommy mermaid kissing her tiny baby mermaid and the caption says "Kiss your children now, for soon they will swim away". Love it!
 Here is the hallway (and our front door). We still have to hang our coat rack on the wall here and get some kind of bench or skinny buffet table to put our keys, etc, when we come in the door.
 And our little bitty kitchen. Oh my goodness, the kitchen has been the biggest adjustment for me. No dishwasher. No counter space. And stuff just crammed anywhere we can find a spot. My sweet mother set up the kitchen for us when we moved in and did a GREAT job with what she had to work with.
 You guys, we have been using the top of our trash can as counter space...!! (We do have plans to go to Ikea this weekend to remedy the kitchen issues, but it's been awesome figuring out how to make this space work.) Yes, this is a picture of Jamie cooking pancakes with the electric skillet on top of the trash can..!
 But our living room I LOVE!
 I painted (shocking, I know!) an old filing cabinet we had and are using it as an end table.
 Our home still has all our 'Kim' pics everywhere, of course.
 Although I did work pretty hard on this photo wall of mostly photos I've taken.
 I like how the computer desk is near the window so I can work and see the skyline view, too.
 The living room opens up into the master bedroom.
 But there are double doors to close if we want to.
 I still am not finished with our bedroom. It needs work, but I still sleep great here (mostly because I'm WALKING all over the world every day!). Our king size bed takes up most of the space so it's cozy.
 My dresser, laundry basket, and more Kim pics.
 There was just enough room for both our night stands!
 I hung these cross pictures in our bedroom but left some space below them because I want to take some more soon.
 And oh my goodness. The closets in this apartment are ridiculous. This is all I could stuff into my closet (the rest of my clothes are in Annie's closet!). And poor Jamie has his clothes in tubs under our bed.
 Speaking of Annie. Here is her bedroom/guest room.
 I really like how her room turned out. Although I am sad that we didn't bring her crib! We thought we wouldn't have room for it here, but then it turns out that her room is quite large and her crib would have fit perfectly in this space. (The crib is in storage in Arkansas if anyone wants to volunteer to drive it up here for me...!)
 Also you can't tell in the above photo, but there is no bed frame... the bed is held up by 6 huge Rubbermaid tubs.
 I can't decide if we are going to get radiator covers (see the large silver radiator in the picture above?) or if I want to just try to teach the girl's to stay away from them this winter. The covers are expensive, but I guess burns on your body would not be so great either. ;)
 I like how the valance in Annie's room frames the bed since there is no headboard.
 And of course I brought all their little decorations.
 It was really fun setting up our new home.
I hope you don't think I'm griping too much about this apartment, because I really DO love it so much. It's small, but it's our home. And we are creating some amazing memories here. (Like cooking pancakes on a trashcan...!)