Sunday, July 17, 2011

first celeb sighting

We went to church this morning with Jason and Sam. They go to a wonderful church near Central Park/ Columbus Circle.

Anyways, Jamie and I were trying to figure out the nursery system for leaving the girls and out of the corner of my eye I saw a woman who had some awesome heels on.

We are filling out some paperwork for the nursery and I notice the lady again with the great heels has a little boy on her hip. The boy had a nametag for the nursery and his last name was Hasslebeck. I thought it sounded familiar. As she walked away, Jason whispered to us that it was Elisabeth Hasslebeck (she is a talk show host on The View).

Ok then we were getting on the elevator to take the girls to their classrooms and she gets on the elevator with her two little boys.

So we all smile and say hi to each other. I told her we were visiting the church and it was our first time there. She was so sweet. She said "oh well welcome to the church. I'm Elisabeth and these are my two boys Isaiah and Taylor".

The elevator opened so we said bye and dropped the girls off (Audrie was in class with her older son).

So that was our first celebrity sighting here and a fun one, too!

Maybe Audrie will make friends with her son and we can have a playdate... Ha! :)