Saturday, July 16, 2011

bronx zoo

This weekend is our first sort of official weekend as a family here in NYC, so we decided to take the girls on an outing. We chose the Bronx Zoo and Audrie was pumped about going!

We got them ready and went down to the street to catch a cab.

(Ok, I know some of you are curious about how it works with kids/carseats/taxis. Here's what I know. NYC taxis are exempt from the carseat law, but that still doesn't mean it's not dangerous. Most of the time you see families just popping in and out of taxis with no car seats. We've only done it twice and hopefully we won't have to do it too often because it makes me nervous. But we just buckle Audrie in the seatbelt and I hold Annie. It's legal but a little nerve racking.) But if we took car seats with us... what would we do with them? Carry them around the Zoo? We just try to stick with subway or walking when we can.

 But today it couldn't be avoided so we hopped in a cab.

It was a quick 15 minute ride over to the zoo and we were excited to check it out.
 Jamie put the girls in the stroller and off we went!
 It was a beautiful zoo! Really pretty buildings and gorgeous greenery everywhere. It also wasn't crowded at all.
 Audrie loved the barking seals.
 Annie loved it all, too, and had her long skinny finger pointing at everything.
 I didn't do too good at remembering to take photos of all the cool animals, but they had tons of exhibits.

 I loved the aquarium and so did Annie!
 This zoo really felt like you were walking in a jungle. The layout of the landscaping was just so luscious and green. And the weather was cool and breezy today!
 Jamie told Annie all about each of the animals.
 We had to pause for Audrie to have a little singing break on the park bench of course.
 I've pretty much given up on getting Annie to smile for a picture. I promise she is a happy little girl! (She just doesn't like to smile...?!)
 I tried to get both girls in a photo, but Annie wasn't too thrilled with that idea...
 Audrie really loved the zoo! And kept asking "what's next??".
 Annie was really great, too. She loves being outside.

We had to find the reptile house so we could meet the famous Bronx Zoo Cobra.
 It felt weird to meet the snake who has a Twitter account that I follow...!
We only spent about two and a half hours at the zoo and just barely saw a portion of the all they had. We will definitely be going back (I think we're going to get a year's membership there). Their hours aren't the best for toddlers because they are open from 10-5pm and since our girls nap from about noon to three... that makes it tough to schedule. But we had fun today!