Thursday, August 04, 2011

making our way around this city

So we've been here a month now. Hard to believe! Each week that passes we start to settle a little more into this crazy huge city and find ways to make it feel like a home.

The geography doesn't change the fact that it's still hard to go out with a 1 year old and a 3 year old, but we've been forcing ourselves to go on family outings a few times a week. And occasionally we even smile during those times... ha!
(photo credit- Jason)
Ok, no really, we are having fun as a little family running around this town. We went last weekend to the Brooklyn Flea Market to scope out the scene there and I LOVED it! Tons of booths with vintage dresses, cool funky jewelry, cute vintage shoes, and tons of spray painted junk (which you know I adore). Oh and while we were there I stood in line for an organic grilled cheese sandwich and I was standing next to Gretchen Jones (the winner of last season's Project Runway).

And Jamie found a rack of cut off jean shorts to add to his wardrobe. (He thinks he's "bringing back" cut off jean shorts for guys...) Yeh.

Audrie always has a blast on our outings. And some of my personal favorite times here have been when Audrie and I take off on our own and run errands in the city. The other day she and I took the subway downtown to a bath & body store called Lush that has amazing products. And it was a slow day so the clerks totally spoiled Audrie the entire time we were there.

Audrie has been doing amazing walking the long distances. And we have some fun talks on our walks. Tonight we ran a few errands after dinner and as we walked she saw an airplane. She said something about wanting to get on that airplane and go to her old house to play. (*tear*) She's mentioned her friends back home a few times and it breaks my heart to tell her she will have to wait until Christmas to see them. And the worst story is- a few weeks ago Jamie was saying night time prayers with Audrie and she usually asks Jesus to make all her little boo-boos better. But that night she turned to Jamie and said "Daddy, will you ask Jesus to please bring my kitty back?"! (ugh. break my heart!!!)
Annie unfortunately is the deal breaker on most of our outings right now. She doesn't love being in the stroller for long periods of time, so sometimes I put her in the sling (which she still likes). Also she is kind of like Cinderella at midnight- if Annie doesn't get put down promptly for her afternoon nap by noon she turns into a she-devil! This girl loves her sleep.
(photo credit- Jamie)
This past Sunday we went to a local Farmer's Market near Columbus Circle and they had some great stuff! Tons of unique produce items, too. It was fun to check all that out. Although I will say that living in this city is kind of like living in one big farmer's market every day, because on my walks home from work I can stop at a million different little markets or shops and quickly pick up anything we need for dinner.

There's something about farm fresh okra from 'Jersey' that doesn't quite sound right to me...?!
I honestly haven't had a chance to really get my camera out and take photos like I want to. I usually just snap these quick pics on my phone. But I am so distracted as I walk because every few blocks is a photo opportunity. Here is a church door Audrie and I passed on a walk the other day.
Jamie and I are actually planning a real date night this weekend! So excited. I think we're going to go eat a nice lovely dinner at whatever interesting restaurant we find (we usually use the Urban Spoon website to find new places to try) and then we are going to get tickets to see the Broadway musical "How to Succeed in Business" (Daniel Radcliff is starring in it right now) or we might go see an off-Broadway production of "Rent" (a neighbor friend we've made at the park is actually married to one of the main actors in the production!). I love that we have such fun options for a date night out!