Wednesday, February 08, 2012

and she's four

Audrie's birthday this past weekend was so fun! I stayed up late Saturday night to make her birthday cake and even though it took awhile- I loved working on it for her.

And her reaction the next morning was priceless. We had blown up some balloons and wrapped presents for her. She was in awe of everything and squealing about her castle cake. Super cute!
We got her dressed in her birthday dress (thank you, Kim, for the dress!) and headed downtown.
Jamie's mom, Donna, came to visit for the week and we are so excited to have her here. It was cute at the park on Friday because another mom friend of ours asked Audrie if she was doing anything special for her birthday and Audrie said "Yes! My Grandma Cornett is coming to see me!" (Like that's all she needed for her birthday...! So sweet.)
We had told Audrie that we were taking her to see the musical Lion King for her birthday and Audrie was just beside herself with excitement (we were, too!).
I heard so many raving reviews about this musical and I was also looking forward to seeing it through Audrie's eyes, too.
For some reason my camera decided to stop focusing for awhile so the next couple of photos are completely grainy, but I tried to preserve them anyways.
The theater was stunning.
From this point on Audrie was pretty much 'in awe' for the next several hours.

The show blew my mind. It was so amazing. About three notes into the opening song I started crying and didn't stop until we were on the train home. Just so breathtaking and emotional. Plus holding Audrie's hand as she gasped at everything didn't help stop my tears.

Of course Audrie thought it was awesome. I think her exact quote was "It was super super super super good and I loved it!!"

And this may be my new favorite photo of Audrie... (riding home on the train, just skimming the playbill like a young new yorker on the go)
When we got home she was ready for cake and presents. Audrie and I had made some Birthday Cake Truffles (a recipe off pinterest) that were very yummy.
Annie had been napping while we were gone and was ready to party (thank you, Caleb, for babysitting).
Jason, Sam, and Sammy-oh came over the help us celebrate.
Audrie tore into her presents.

Annie helped, of course.
Audrie is really a great present opener. She is always very excited about every single present and makes the greatest expressions of delight.
She kept saying "it's just the one I wanted!!" every time she opened each gift.
Caleb illustrated a book I wrote for Audrie. I'll post more on that later, because it was really special!
Annie was having fun, too!
Ok, then Audrie opened THE gift. A super awesome present from Jim and Emily Burrow that was the most perfect thing for Audrie.
A boombox/karaoke machine, decorated with Disney princesses. It came with karaoke cds featuring all Audrie's most favorite disney songs and it has a microphone attached for singing along. I mean, hello? Could it be any more perfect?


Sammy-oh thought it was pretty great, too!

So you can imagine what Audrie did for the next two hours straight...?!

Ok, she did take a little break to blow out her candles and eat some cake.
(Photo credit- Caleb)
"Four years old!"
(Photo credit- Caleb)
I read her new book to her.
(Photo credit- Samanthe)
Jason and Annie had a mini-voice lesson...
And a little dance party.
And Audrie got her special gift of having Grandma Cornett there for her birthday. (Audrie did ask me a few times in the past week if "all her people were coming for her birthday". I tried to be sensitive with her about how "our people" live in Arkansas, but assured her that everyone was sending their love.)
Caleb helped distract Annie from swiping all Audrie's new toys.
Jamie and Jason played a rousing game of Hi-Ho Cherry-Os with the girls.
It was a fun day!

Happy 4th Birthday, Sweet Audrie.