Saturday, February 11, 2012

thank you, grandma lowery!

 My mom sent Audrie a package for her birthday last week. Audrie was SO excited that we let her open it a few days early.
 I've never known a kid to actually like to look at greeting cards and always wants us to read what it says. (Then Audrie usually carries the cards around for a few days rereading them... it's so cute!)
 Since we've moved here the girls have been pretty spoiled by getting packages every few weeks in the mail from different friends. Anytime the UPS guys knocks on the door, the girls both run squealing for the door (me too, cuz our UPS guy is pretty cute... ha!).
 My mom sent Audrie a package with Lion gifts (since she knew we were taking Audrie to Lion King).
 And candy, of course. Here is Annie trying to tear into the candy necklace.
 Also, Audrie does this thing were any time she is opening a present she makes Jamie cover his eyes. I have no idea why she started this, but she opens the present and then tells Jamie it's ok to open his eyes...?!
 No peeking, daddy!!
 Annie still trying to get the candy necklace on her head...
 Audrie loved everything my mom sent!
 And made her awesome excited faces with each present!
 Annie making a mad face because she couldn't get the puzzle open...
Thank you, Grandma Lowery, for the fun birthday gifts!!