Sunday, February 12, 2012

a time for us

 I have to admit that one of the struggles on the top of our list has been making time for each other. Jamie and I try to go out on a date every couple of weeks, but it's really tough to make that happen. Both our jobs are so demanding that we are exhausted at the end of the day and the challenge of living here takes a toll on our emotions. But this past week since Jamie's mom was in town we got to go out a few times and it was awesome.

I do love spending time with my cute husband!
(photo credit- Samanthe)
We ate lunch at Sushi Samba (a japanese/brazilian restaurant that was on Sex and the City). Then we went and stood in line to try to win tickets to see Book of Mormon (they have a drawing every day at 5pm that you can put your name in). 

We didn't win, but we did get to hear some fun music in the subway...

And we saw some pants that were "Defying Gravity".... ha!


Friday night we went out with Jason and Sam and group of their friends. We had the best time- ate some delicious bbq, went to an arcade and played Skeeball for a few hours, then cruised around at midnight in Josh and Juli's car trying to find a Taco Bell. It was fun to drive through Times Square in a car.
(photo credit- Jamie)
 Jamie and I went on our first date in February of 1996. 16 years ago! We've come a long way since then...
But we're both still pretty big dorks. ;)