Thursday, February 16, 2012

the saga of annie's hair

Annie is the sweetest child on the face of the planet. Every day when I get home from work and turn the key in the lock I hear her start squealing "MAMA!!!!!" and hear her running gallop down the hall. Usually Audrie is racing right behind her and they tackle me in the doorway. I LOVE IT.

Annie always gives me a tight hug and snotty kiss. Then I take a moment to stop and admire her hair. I know you've heard me say this before, but ya'll- Annie's hair is atrocious! 

If I put it in pigtails then it's super cute, but since Jamie is one that gets up with them in the morning... Jamie has a lot of talents, but styling toddler hair isn't one of them.
Annie loves to paint and sing... following in the footsteps of her big sister. And if it's possible Annie is actually more social than Audrie. She wants to be everybody's friend at the park and waves at everyone on the subway. Except she's started doing this thing where she yells "HI" at the top of her lungs at people we pass on the street and grins at them with a huge cheesy smile. Kind of freaks people out. (And that's hard to do in this city.)
"Annie, you're not supposed to EAT the paint!"... wha?
Ok, so back to the hair. Jamie says she looks like Jeff Daniel's (from Dumb and Dumber), but I think it's more like Einstein.
But either way we sure do love this girl. She has finally started talking more. Putting words together and bossing us all around.
When Audrie was born I remember how moving it was to watch Jamie fall in love with our baby. Now it's just as sweet to watch Audrie and Annie love each other so much.
Seriously. The hair!?!

I have all next week off from work (yee-haw!!!!) and I'm so looking forward to hanging out with my crazy girls all week! (A whole week of pigtails for Annie- maybe I can convince her hair to play nicely!?) 

*PS- the reason you've only seen photos of Annie's in her pajamas lately is because we've had a problem with her stripping off her clothes and diaper and peeing in random places around the house. (good times!) But we figured out that she can't take off her zip-up footed pajamas, so that's what she's been living in lately.  Poor little Orphan Annie... no one to fix her hair or let her wear real clothes. Ha!