Tuesday, February 21, 2012


We have been trying so hard to find a good church here, but we just can't seem to find anything close to what we want in a church. I don't know if it's because we were so spoiled by how amazing our church was in Arkansas or if we just have to keep searching? We have visited 5 different churches (and given them a few Sundays in a row to see if they're where God wants us), but still nothing even comes close. 

We got the girls dressed up this Sunday morning to try yet another church and they looked so cute in their dresses I had to snap a quick pic.

Here is Annie after I told her to smile with "big teeth"... so she said "Ahhh" like when I brush her teeth. (I love seeing her in dresses that Audrie used to wear.)

Of course Audrie doesn't have to be asked twice to pose. :)
We visited a FBC on 79th street near Central Park and we aren't completely ruling it out- we'll go back a few times before we decide. But honestly I can already tell it's not a fit. We did meet a super sweet couple who had a little boy that was a few months younger than Annie. They took us out for lunch after church- which was so nice of them.

Jamie and I had to high-five on the train home because: church ran late, then we took the girls to a restaurant with this couple, the girls hadn't had a nap, it was getting close to 2pm, and as we were walking out the couple said to us "your girls are so well behaved!". Ha! It was true that Audrie and Annie were awesome that day so we just smiled and nodded at this couple like "oh yes we have the perfect children", but inside we were laughing because... if they only knew! :)