Saturday, September 29, 2012

rest of our beach photos

Finally getting around to blogging the rest of our beach vacation trip to Virginia Beach last month!

The day before we left we got the car seats out of the closets and all Annie wanted to do all day was sit in her car seat and play with the iPhone. I tried to convince her to go play because she was going to be doing that all the next day!
It was a 7 hour car ride so we stocked up on movies. Here is Annie holding the laptop as close to her face as she could. :)
It rained on our drive, but the girls were great.
We drove across the Chesapeake bridge (23 miles long). We also drove through some states we've never been to- Maryland, Delaware, and of course Virginia.
We got to Virginia Beach that evening. In time to see the ocean before the sun set.

The next morning the girls were excited to get out in the water!

That afternoon we rode these bicycles built for 4. So much fun, but we didn't realize how much exercise it was going to be. We were pretty sweaty by the time we finished!
On the boardwalk there is a huge statue of King Neptune, but the girls thought it was King Triton from the Little Mermaid- so they loved seeing it every day!

Jamie and Audrie dug a huge hole in the sand every day.

On our last night there we went to the kiddie carnival on the boardwalk. The girls were excited!!

Are we tall enough??
View from the top of the ferris wheel.

Audrie got to ride some of the rides by herself, which was a big deal to her.

And Annie got to ride one by herself, too! (Made me a little nervous- I was afraid she was going to decide she was done and jump out at any minute!)

They played some carnival games.

And won prizes!

And even though it was late and they needed to get to bed- we had to go out for ice cream!

We had such a great time on this trip! It was the ultimate in relaxation and family time.