Saturday, October 26, 2013

day o pumpkins

Our Saturday started with a birthday party for my friend Melanie's little boy who turned one. I didn't get a pic, but she threw the most fabulous Halloween/Little Boy party! Mel always has THE cutest decorations and adorable birthday cakes. It was great to see friends there and let the kids run wild together for a bit.

Then we headed to our friends, Troy and Jonny (our friends from NYC that moved to Fayetteville) who invited us to a Pumpkin Carving Party.

I swiped a couple of these photos off her Facebook page! Thanks, Jonny! :)

Annie kicked the party up a notch by pouring a gallon bottle of bubbles down the slide. Yikes!

Audrie impressed us with her baseball skills that I didn't even know she had!

Jonny, Troy, and Huck (and their sweet pumpkin carving skills).
 Then our friends Candace and Trent came over for dinner and we decided to carve even MORE pumpkins!

 Really we just wanted a reason to roast more Pumpkin seeds...ha! It was a fun night hanging out with the Leas.

I'm really trying to stay more caught up with the blogging! I know it will be fun someday to look back through the books I put together of my blog posts and "remember when". :)